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Hello and thanks for stopping by…

I want to tell you something of the way I work and what drives me to paint wildlife. My painting style has certainly developed over the past few years. At first, when I lost access to a kiln and had to break from sculpture, my style was non-existent! With every work, I was trying new things to see what worked - and what didn’t...

So, I did a lot of pen-work. Then pen & ink. Watercolours. Anything really, in search of a ‘look’ I could claim my own; an expression of what I saw in my mind’s eye.

Things started to come together for me when I began using acrylics: their bright, vivid colours and versatility were the key I’d been looking for. That, and using counter-intuitive palette ranges. It all started when I was thinking about painting a ‘Purple Hare’ and then thought, ‘Why not?’ 

Things then took another turn when fluid, whirling patterns began appearing in my subjects. When I found myself lost in these whirls of colour, it was a thrilling development. Since then, I’ve taken to calling this my ‘Van Gogh’ moment, for reasons that become clear when you see some of his later work.


For me, things always start when I see an image that inspires an artistic response. It could be a photo in a magazine, or one I’ve taken myself. It might be standing in front of a creature out in the wild or in the zoo, but wherever the inspiration strikes is irrelevant. What’s important is whether it compels me to ignore the housework, gardening and everything else... 

If it does, then I know I’ve got a picture. Trouble is, every picture is unique and some work better than others, but I don’t really know if I’ve got a triumph or a failure on my easel until I’m about halfway through. By then, if I’m lucky, the painting will have found its ‘rhythm’ and I will know how to finish it. 

I think that the whirling patterns and their convolutions are out there in nature already, tied up in the changing seasons and their regenerations, so all I’m doing is rediscovering this for myself and passing it on for others to enjoy and find comfort in. Quite reassuring, really…

Previous Exhibitions.

Nature in Art, Gloucestershire | Prema Project | Society of Wildlife Artists, Mall Gallery, London (3 shows) | Organica Collection

Royal West of England Academy, Bristol | Zelli Porcelain Gallery, Baker St, London | Open Studios, Berkshire & Marlborough

Previous Collaborations.

MBI (Danbury Mint) - several 3D projects, covering subjects as diverse as studies of Robins, to a leaping Greyhound | Harmony Kingdom - contributions to a few ongoing series' plus one project of our own: a series of magnet-backed tiles that once assembled, formed one giant picture | CWS (Collectible World Studios) A few projects of our own, including a range of stylised decor pieces in 'Things We Love', a range of intriguingly-designed wildlife studies in 'From the Earth' and more! | Border Fine Arts - a frustratingly-small series of fine cat sculptures | Fraser Creations - A large (VERY large!) collection of dog sculpts | Maruri inc. A beautiful series of cute kitten sculpts, co-marketed with MBI | And quite a few more I can't talk about!