About me

Ann Richmond enjoys renown as a celebrated wildlife sculptor & painter. Originally, this practice was run in-parallel with a long-standing career as an industry-focussed artist.

Previous shows include several appearances with the Society of Wildlife Artists at The Mall Gallery, London and numerous provincial exhibitions. Work of this period reflects the wildlife witnessed at first-hand, surrounding her remote studio on the North Wessex Downs. Close attention is paid both to anatomical drawing as much as the liberation from conventional, figurative depiction.

What her numerous collectors didn’t know was that, for years, Ann painted ‘Fantastical’ works for her own enjoyment. She says that such works proved useful in ‘venting creative steam’ when regular commissions proved tricky. That said, these private works proved both cathartic & creatively rewarding in their own right.

Yet for all their undoubted charm, these works remained hidden away, never intended to be shown publicly.

Things were to change…

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ann stepped back from what had been – to that point – a bustling, though ceaseless commercial treadmill.

It was time to change direction. What had been her secret passion, would now become her main practice.

As the glimpses into this fantastical ‘Carnival of Wonders’ have multiplied, so the stories and moral-lessons underpinning the works have grown more complex. In-turn, this growing collection is finding an appreciative audience, for whom ‘conventional’ fantasy art now seems either derivative, outmoded in execution or both.

As Ann says: ‘I give you the images and your imagination does the rest!’

Ann Richmond continues to usher her exquisite visions into the world, whilst engaging with her growing community of collectors through her Facebook & Instagram Pages and online Studio Store.