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'RUNNING HARE #3' is actually the result of a re-painting I did over an old piece, that'd never worked in the way I'd hoped. Second time around, I took my 'tendrils of colour' style and added more of a Van Gogh twist to some of the styling (grass, fur, etc). I'm particularly pleased at the subtleties seen in the distant hills and the colour range used on the Hare. This was painted at the same time as 'Green Valley Trio' and many similarities can be seen when viewing them side-by-side.


Running Hare #3 - Original Work

Running Hare #3 - Original Work

The original work, presented on the original boxed canvas and painted in acrylic. Signed.

610 x 310mm

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Running Hare #3 - Large Print

Running Hare #3 - Large Print

Signed Print in an Edition of #49.
To fit Matte: 70cm x 50cm
With Aperture: 59cm x 40cm 

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Fits any 50cm x 70cm frame.