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'FOXY LADY' took flipping ages to come together... It was one of those works that I had in my head for a LONG time, before it finally gelled and I'm so pleased with the end result. Incidentally, the jewels in her crown were actually rhinestones that I glued into place. Our photographer laboured for a while to get the 'right' amount of sparkle out of them, without overpowering the image: I'd have to say he was successful!


Foxy Lady - Original

Foxy Lady - Original

The original work, presented on lacquered, gesso'd Birch Ply and painted in oils. Signed. Unframed.

161 x 171mm

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Foxy Lady - Medium Print

Foxy Lady - Medium Print

Signed Mount in an Edition of #95.
Matte included: 30cm x 30cm
With Aperture: 22cm x 22cm 

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Fits any 30cm x 30cm frame.

Foxy Lady - Large Print

Foxy Lady - Large Print

Signed Print in an Edition of #49.
To fit Matte: 50cm x 50cm
With Aperture: 34.5cm x 34.5cm 

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Fits any 50cm x 50cm frame.

Foxy Lady - Bespoke

Foxy Lady - Bespoke

Bespoke Printing available
in a variety of sizes & mediums
up to A0 AND BEYOND...

Ideal for statement walls as much
as that little nook you never got
round to filling!