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For a long time, I thought of painting a Tawny Owl, but couldn't come up with both a mood for the piece. Nothing felt right, until I captured the look of its dark, liquid eyes. Once I'd got that, then everything else fell into place to make 'MOONLIGHT OWL'. There's so much going on in this one: from the wisps of colour for its feathers, to the ghosted tree in the background, the work keeps giving up secrets to its many admirers...


moonlight owl featured piece

Moonlight Owl - Original Work

The original work, presented on its boxed canvas and painted in acrylic. Signed.

300 x 405mm

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Moonlight Owl - Card

Moonlight Owl - Card

155mm x 100mm / Blue Envelope

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Moonlight Owl - Medium Print

Moonlight Owl - Medium Print

Signed Mount in an Edition of #95.
Matte included: 40cm x 30cm
With Aperture: 33cm x 22cm 

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Fits any 40cm x 30cm frame.

Moonlight Owl - Large Print

Moonlight Owl - Large Print

Signed Print in an Edition of #49.
To fit Matte: 70cm x 50cm
With Aperture: 59cm x 40cm 

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Fits any 50cm x 70cm frame.

Moonlight Owl - Bespoke

Moonlight Owl - Bespoke

Bespoke Printing available
in a variety of sizes & mediums
up to A0 AND BEYOND...

Ideal for statement walls as much
as that little nook you never got
round to filling!