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Brownsea Island, in Poole Harbour, Dorset, is home to England's last remaining colony of Red Squirrels (though they're still plentiful North of the border, in Scotland). During a recent visit there, I was charmed by this boisterous character, who was chiding me for being too close to his favourite tree! So, naturally, I had to try and capture some of his irreverant spirit in a new work... In keeping with other pieces using this technique, I laid down stripes of white onto a black background, ensuring there was a gap between them. Then I carefully added transparent colours; overlaying here and there, to get variations in the tones. 


Rainbow Squirrel - Original Work

Rainbow Squirrel - Original Work

The original work, presented on a gesso'd board and painted in acrylic & ink. Signed.

300 x 300mm

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