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I've long harboured a desire to paint a stylised, fantastical portrait of a young woman. The only sticking point was how to present and compose the end result. Then one day, I had the idea of plonking a white rabbit down onto her head - because, well, why not? - and the result is the picture you see here! I really enjoyed doing this one; so much so, there may be more to come... To get her lace collar looking right, I used a variation on the 'Sgraffito' technique to scribe into the paint and I love the surprised look on the rabbit's face, as if HE didn't expect to be here! One of those pictures that was a joy, from beginning to end.


The Whisperer - Original

The Whisperer - Original

The original work, presented on gesso'd plywood and painted in oils. Signed.

325 x 325 x 8mm

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