Badgers Trio

An early piece, ‘Badgers Trio’ went through a few different versions before I was satisfied with the result.

In the end, I think the key lay in finding a subtle palette. One that evoked the mood I was looking for, without overwhelming the piece. Next, was the idea of placing their heads together in close proximity. I was looking for a way to echo the rolling chalk hills of the Wiltshire Downs… The chalky-white flashes on their necks and heads, contrasting with the black head-stripe really do make me think of those hills. Of home. And, yes, I also managed to smuggle-in a surprising array of colours, that add subtle highlights to Badgers Trio

Keen viewers will notice that the proportions of the Original Work do not match those of the prints… I have worked hard to create a digital ‘extension’ of the night sky above the Badgers, in order to work-around the Original’s tight proportions. Given that this extension uses material I’d already painted, the results are convincing and in-keeping with my original vision!

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    Choose from EITHER 240GSM White Matte Stock  OR Superb 300GSM Acid-Free, Fine-Art paper, Ready-Mounted & Signed  OR Luxurious Hahnemuhle Cotton Canvas; UnStretched, Signed & Printed strictly-to-order. Frames shown for illustrative purposes only.

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