Love in a Cold Climate

Along with countless others, I was entranced by a David Attenborough documentary on TV, showing ‘Life in the Freezer’. The result? I felt compelled to paint an Emperor Penguin and show how a mother’s compassion for her offspring can hold firm. Even in the depth of an Antarctic Winter, it’s truly, ‘Love in a Cold Climate’.

Painted in oils, I love how the weak sunshine is making the gold patch on the back of the mother’s neck glow as if backlit, and how I’ve managed to capture the chick’s innocent dependance. The Emperor’s plumage turned out better than I could’ve hoped as well; the effect lifted by a myriad white marks to suggest a Penguin’s feather-tips. Fiddly but satisfying, above all!

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    All of my OPEN or LIMITED EDITION PRINTS, are printed by my (superb) photographer onto archival paper. Depending on the suitability of the image, they come in either THREE or FOUR sizes:  Mini: An Open Edition, that’s hand-monogrammed on the Matte.  Small: Ready-mounted & signed in an edition of #195.   Medium: Ready-mounted & signed in an edition of #95.   Large: Un-Mounted & signed in an edition of #49.   Frames shown for illustrative purposes only.

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