Infinite Dreams

A highly satisfying picture, ‘Infinite Dreams’ took a few left turns along the way, but I’m very pleased with the way this one turned out!

We join our Flamingo and Pug (as seen in previous works) as they embark on the next stage of their journey: passage aboard a small steamboat.

But this is no ordinary ferry… For it carries a majestic Elephant, on whose back sits a giant water-globe. Inside this, swims an Oar Fish; a large, deep-water species. For the mathematicians amongst you, you’ll notice that the fish is curling its body into the symbol for infinity (‘§’)…

At the bow, a Hare stretches out to retrieve what looks to be a message-in-a-bottle. Behind him sits an open chest, filled with other bottles; other messages.

This, then, is our picture: all those bright ideas we have when we dream? Those glittering prizes, that are soon forgotten upon waking? Well, they’re not lost!

We send them out to the limitless – INFINITE – Universe of our imaginations, where they’re collected and remembered by the Elephant.

And then? Maybe – just maybe – they’re returned when we need them…

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