Lost in a Good Book

In the dead of night, a Dryad rides through a dark, forbidding forest. Her trusty steed? A Badger, long-accustomed to his rider’s lack of attention. Which is just as well because, as usual, her attention is lost within the pages of a good book. Its story enraptures her so completely, that she literally can’t see the wood for the trees.

Indeed, she is ‘Lost in a Good Book’!

Happily, The Watcher has sent out Luna moths, to light their path, as he does for all wanderers who’ve lost their way, whether they find themselves in a book, or a forest…

The picture’s corner has also curled-over, revealing the next page: but is it from the Dryad’s book or OURS? For is not everything we see, but a dream-within-a-dream?

Are we not writing the chapters of our own lives and turning the pages as we go?

Oh, and in case you wondered, we’re using Anglo-Saxon runes within a picture once again: translations included with every print from ‘Small’ upwards!

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