She Loves Me..?

She Loves me..? Well, it’s a good question!

For the Frog-Prince has tried everything, to attract the Princess’s attention.

He sang beautiful love songs: but all she heard, was croaking…

He danced a jig and bowed before her: but when she saw him hopping close-by, she ran inside.

Which leaves some balloons and a beautiful – but humble – daisy, held out to her. If THIS doesn’t convince the Princess of his true nature, nothing will!

Yet the girl still looks unimpressed! Will she ever look beyond what she sees and take a chance on true love?

‘She Loves Me..?’ is the second work of mine, to be painted onto Aluminium. I’d been looking for a material that offered a smooth painting surface; smoother than might be obtained with the usual board or canvas and, in Aluminium, I think I’ve found it; at least for small pieces. It’s so stable as a medium – never cracking or warping – and carries the paint beautifully.

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    Choose from EITHER 240GSM White Matte Stock  OR Superb 300GSM Acid-Free, Fine-Art paper, Ready-Mounted & Signed  OR Luxurious Hahnemuhle Cotton Canvas; UnStretched, Signed & Printed strictly-to-order. Frames shown for illustrative purposes only.

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