Paddle Steamer

‘Paddle Steamer’ began – as my fantasy work generally does – with an interest in capturing one aspect of a particular creature; in this case, the beautiful sheen on a Drake’s slender neck. I just LOVED its emerald-green.

From there, it was an easy step to imagine a delicate crested helmet with jewelled accents and the balloon! But I knew that alone wouldn’t be enough, so after more thought, the Drake became a ‘Paddle Steamer’ of-sorts, with a paying customer on his back: a seasick Toad, who’s having to hold-on to his Fez amidst the spray. Mind you, the Drake wouldn’t have gone out there in the first place, if the Toad hadn’t persuaded him that the crossing would be safe… There’s a lesson there, about ignoring the advice of Fez-wearing Toads!

Oh, and just to make life interesting, I added a Sturgeon as well, who’s churning up the choppy swell. Best of all? That shaft of sunlight breaking through the stormclouds came out far better than I hoped it would…


  • Prints

    All of my OPEN or LIMITED EDITION PRINTS, are printed by my (superb) photographer onto archival paper. Depending on the suitability of the image, they come in either THREE or FOUR sizes:  Mini: An Open Edition, that’s hand-monogrammed on the Matte.  Small: Ready-mounted & signed in an edition of #195.   Medium: Ready-mounted & signed in an edition of #95.   Large: Un-Mounted & signed in an edition of #49.   Frames shown for illustrative purposes only.

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