The Pilgrims

In the dim and distant past, Mister Fox, tracking over a snow field was the original picture. It looked fine, but as with much of my fantasy work, it felt to me as though something was missing; as if, despite evidence to the contrary, it was unfinished. It needed some Pilgrims

In the end, the idea came quickly, once I imagined the Fox was sharing his lonely journey with some companions. The first – the Hare – is resplendant in his stripy pantaloons and elegant armour, complete with a delicate crown & lamp. Sat behind, is a chubby-looking Toucan, who proudly carries an amethyst in its beak. To light the path forward for our Pilgrims, both the Fox and Hare have little lanterns protruding from their helmets, in which can be seen teeny Gloworms. I was particularly pleased with the verdigris effect on the Fox’s armour, and the Romanesque scales over its tail!


  • Prints

    All of my OPEN or LIMITED EDITION PRINTS, are printed by my (superb) photographer onto archival paper. Depending on the suitability of the image, they come in either THREE or FOUR sizes:  Mini: An Open Edition, that’s hand-monogrammed on the Matte.  Small: Ready-mounted & signed in an edition of #195.   Medium: Ready-mounted & signed in an edition of #95.   Large: Un-Mounted & signed in an edition of #49.   Frames shown for illustrative purposes only.

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