Rainbow Hare #3

For ‘RAINBOW HARE #3’, I moved beyond the intricate style used in the first Rainbow Hare. For this one, I applied bold, white brush strokes over a black base layer. Onto this, I added a glaze of transparent colours. This unlocked some key benefits. First and foremost, were the unexpected results from having one colour overlay another.

The effect is accentuated by the underlying white strokes, that provide the essential contrast to the translucent colours above. Once again, you’re looking at a happy experiment that paid-off! I also want to mention the orange bloom at the top RHS. This was achieved with a little dry-brushing, over the existing red underpainting. As before, it resembled the look of a sunburst, but this second attempt can also be read as a cloud of steamy breath on a bright, cold morning. Again, another happy accident…

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    Choose from EITHER 240GSM White Matte Stock  OR Superb 300GSM Acid-Free, Fine-Art paper, Ready-Mounted & Signed in an edition of #95  OR Luxurious Hahnemuhle Cotton Canvas; UnStretched, Signed & Printed strictly-to-order. Frames shown for illustrative purposes only.

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