A recent visit to a sheepskin & leather shop inspired Moonstruck. Whilst rummaging through their stock, I had my first encounter with a Gotland fleece.

I learn that the Gotland breed of sheep, is native to the Swedish island of the same name. Unlike the uneven, wonky fleece typically found on a British sheep, the Gotland is noted for the even length of its ‘staple’. This natural uniformity, gives its fleece a luxurious, smooth texture. As soon as I ran my hand through it, I knew there might be a painting in there. A chance to combine a whirling technique I’d not used in years, with my favoured subtle palette.

Observers have been quick to draw parallels between Moonstruck and The Nativity. They attribute mystical significance to the beams of moonlight, but they’re mere coincidence, I promise!


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