Some months ago, I managed to catch a glimpse of a Fox out on the bank separating us from the field, evidently sniffing-out the neighbour’s chickens! His bold, alert curiosity made for an unforgettable pose and intent that I wanted to capture in paint. I think I got some way there with ‘RENARD’.

There’s something magical about the way I was able to grab a sense of his piercing stare. I’ve had a few collectors order large, Bespoke Prints of Renard. Each and every time, their decision comes down to the angle of his head and the intensity of his gaze. It’s mesmeric and so powerful, that it can dominate a room. No wonder the chickens looked nervous!


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    All of my OPEN or LIMITED EDITION PRINTS, are printed by my (superb) photographer onto archival paper. Depending on the suitability of the image, they come in either THREE or FOUR sizes:  Mini: An Open Edition, that’s hand-monogrammed on the Matte.  Small: Ready-mounted & signed in an edition of #195.   Medium: Ready-mounted & signed in an edition of #95.   Large: Un-Mounted & signed in an edition of #49.   Frames shown for illustrative purposes only.

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