Turquoise (December)

TURQUOISE (December). A stone of Friendship, Turquoise relaxes the mind and eases mental tension. In addition, the richly coloured Turquoise (also known as Tanzanite) attracts luck (allegedly!).

December’s girl wears a Tanzanite pendant, framed by her top’s bold collar. Above all, she sports a Turquoise Poppy flower in her flaming-red hair, that’s balanced by a vivid blue Butterfly!

Considered as a group, my ‘Little Gems’ present a wonderful opportunity to delve into the world of portraiture. Revealing and discovering new techniques along the way, has opened-up my world as a painter. Above all and every one of the dozen subjects you see, have benefitted from these revelations. In conclusion, I’m so grateful for having had the chance to complete the project.

  • Prints

    All of my OPEN or LIMITED EDITION PRINTS, are printed by my (superb) photographer onto archival paper. Depending on the suitability of the image, they come in either THREE or FOUR sizes:  Mini: An Open Edition, that’s hand-monogrammed on the Matte.  Small: Ready-mounted & signed in an edition of #195.   Medium: Ready-mounted & signed in an edition of #95.   Large: Un-Mounted & signed in an edition of #49.   Frames shown for illustrative purposes only.

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