Midnight Feast

I’d long wanted to try a composition that used the ‘Gestalt’ effect… But, it wasn’t until I found an enigmatic photograph of a Chimpanzee, that I knew I had the right starting point for ‘Midnight Feast’.

So what is ‘Gestalt’? Wikipedia summarises it thus: ‘The ability to understand objects as an entire structure, rather than the sum of its visible parts’. Within my work, it means simply that I am showing you just enough of the subject matter, for you to know what it is that I’m painting.

In this case, the head of a Chimpanzee that’s emerging from deep shadow. You already KNOW what the rest of a Chimpanzee looks like. All I’m doing, is allowing your imagination to fill-in the blanks. The ‘Midnight Feast’ in question, is a papaya that I added-in later, to give a tonal contrast to the piece. The stray highlight, glinting off the fruit, only helps the effect.

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