Tiled Otter

Tiled Otter was an early attempt at using oils. Up to that point, I’d been working exclusively in acrylics, so moving over to a new medium presented new challenges to overcome. For example, I was used to paint that dried so quickly, it became unworkable after only a few minutes. By contrast, the the water-based oils I went with, take weeks to dry. Suddenly, I had chance to find new brush techniques as well. The ’tiling’ method came early-on and I used it in several early works in oil.

It involves loading the brush with paint, then applying it in a single, static stroke. This creates a ’tile’ of paint that, when assembled into a larger work, starts to resemble a mosaic. The effect is most clearly seen in the Otter’s tail and cheek. It also gives prominence to the heavy features of the Gesso’d underpainting, that come through as background texture. However, for other areas such as the background, I kept things simple. In conclusion, Tiled Otter is a more muted work than either the Jackrabbit or Grizzly Bear.

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