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“Hello! My name’s Ann, and I paint Hares (and LOTS of other things) from my studio here in North Wiltshire. Times are tough for everyone right now, so I’d like YOU to have a 6″ x 6” art print from my Hares Collection for FREE!


From Claire Stokes:

More than happy with our beautiful pair of Hares!

They’re very much at-home above our fireplace, reflecting the wild Hares in the fields opposite. We love them both and can’t imagine the living room without them!

From Debbie Gough:

Such beautiful artwork from Ann. So much talent. It’s a privilege to own a piece of her art, I absolutely love it (can’t believe I have it, every time I look at it).  In addition, it was a real joy to deal with Ann and her partner, Gary, throughout the purchase process; both having made it as perfect as is possible for me by the time I received “my” beautiful painting. 

Though it feels slightly wrong to say “my”, as I feel like the custodian of Ann’s work & very privileged to be so, for as long as it’s in my care..!!

From Sally Davies:

The Hare arrived beautifully wrapped and I eagerly removed him from his packaging. Printed on very high quality artists’ paper, Harold is fabulous in every way. The framer said “Wow! He’s totally gorgeous. I’ve seen lots, but he’s something special” – says it all. She fell in love with Harold, much like everyone who sees him – and wanted to keep him for herself.

Harold is very large, but the definition of the image has not been diminished in any way with enlargement. Moreover, he is striking.  There is no doubt Harold is in the room!  I am sure all of Ann’s works have the same impact. Harold is a breath of fresh air and fits into my crazy animal world effortlessly – despite being such a big presence. Everyone who enters the room is watched by him; visitors are drawn in by his hypnotic gaze.

The quality, attention to detail and Ann’s artistic brilliance are amazing. I highly recommend her work and shall definitely be a returning customer.

From Alice Bright:

I bought a print for my boyfriend’s birthday and he absolutely loves it. The details and colours are just perfect and the print is of high quality. Ann and Gary have been so lovely throughout the purchase process which is the cherry on the cake, with thoughtful touches that we are so grateful for!

  Here’s how it works…

  • Choose your FREE 6″ x 6″ print from ‘The Hare Collection’.
  • Superb, Certified reproductions of the original paintings.
  • Uses pristine, acid-free, 240GSM uncoated stock & presented in a clear, reinforced sleeve.
  • I’m offering UpGrades as well! LARGER prints, showing more detail: again at a VERY special price…
  • The chance to purchase Limited Edition single prints or The Collection at a special price (v. limited stocks). You won’t get this amazing offer anywhere else!
  • I’ll be making-up orders in batches, so you’ll receive your print(s) within 14 days.
  • Ready to pop into a beloved frame or can be displayed in its sleeve.
  • AND… I can add your personalised message on the back, when you add it as a note at Checkout
  • I’m so confident you’ll love it, I’m offering a Full Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied, drop me a note & I’ll refund you. You can even keep the print!
  • Only ONE freebie per household please…

From Kathleen-Ann Brown:

I bought a beautiful framed otter print a couple of years ago as a present for my partner, which we both love and makes me smile every time I walk past. Communication is excellent and quality of work and customer service matches this. More recently bought a smaller hare print with same experience. Highly recommended!

From Hayley Bell:

Just received my Rainbow Hare; very high quality print. I love Ann’s work & I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more in the future..!

From Lucy Gutteridge:

So I purchased Windcheetah as a small print, it is adorable but it carried a message to me. That I can chase my dreams no matter what lies in my path.

This is what Ann’s art does! It speaks to you! The sheer joy of the work comes right through the page! This picture is next to my desk and reminds me that there is more to life and more to me! 

Rainbow Hare #2

  • Pristine Matte Stock: 240GSM. White-Bordered.
  • Un-Mounted, in a reinforced sleeve.
  • 6″ x 6″.
  • Open Edition.
  • Ready-to-Frame.

£20.00 FREE

H11 - 1125 X 1125 PRINT BASIC SALE

Purple Hare #2

  • Pristine Matte Stock: 240GSM. White-Bordered.
  • Un-Mounted, in a reinforced sleeve.
  • 6″ x 6″.
  • Open Edition.
  • Ready-to-Frame.

£20.00 FREE

H6 - 1125 X 1125 PRINT BASIC SALE

Rainbow Hare #3

  • Pristine Matte Stock: 240GSM. White-Bordered.
  • Un-Mounted, in a reinforced sleeve.
  • 6″ x 6″.
  • Open Edition.
  • Ready-to-Frame.

£20.00 FREE

H12 - 1125 X 1125 PRINT BASIC SALE

Purple Hare #1

  • Pristine Matte Stock: 240GSM. White-Bordered.
  • Un-Mounted, in a reinforced sleeve.
  • 6″ x 6″.
  • Open Edition.
  • Ready-to-Frame.

£20.00 FREE

H4 - 1125 X 1125 PRINT BASIC SALE

* Special Limited Offer

Would you like all FOUR prints?


From Yvonne & Martin Sheehy:

Martin and I love Ann’s fantasy artworks. We love how realistic the animals look and the colours suit our rooms so well! Having a story about the pictures really helps with the fantasy, and it’s easy to imagine the places you have depicted.

From Katie Kell:

We have paintings and mugs and just love Ann’s attention to detail and fun subjects. She’s such a talented lady and we hope to add to our collection in future.

From Tim & Sharon Matthews:

I recently purchased 3 beautiful Ann Richmond prints for my home which we are very happy with. Our friends thought they looked lovely and I will definitely be buying more!

From Alice Taylor:

I keep the print near my bed, as it is where I too, end up ‘Lost in a Good Book’, reading long past my bedtime. I also drift off dreaming myself into Ann’s fantasy world which seems to grow and expand every week! I’d have all the pictures if my little narrowboat had the space.

About Ann


Hello & thanks for stopping by. I want to tell you something about the way I work and what drives me to paint.

As a few long-standing collectors of mine already know, I started my practice as a wildlife sculptor and worked for over twenty years as a commercial artist… But when that came to an end, I instinctively turned to painting. The step-away from 3D work proved a steep learning curve, but I think I’m getting there!

Turns out that the same approach used when sculpting original subjects also applies to painting them: as a Fine Artist, I try to capture something of an animal’s ‘soul’, rather than producing something copied from a photograph. To that end, I research each new subject extensively, aiming to find the look that best encapsulates the inspiration – or emotion – that I’m looking for.

As a result, I produce work that looks different to what you might be used to, but which stays true to my principles & vision. Remember:

There’s nothing fake, in how a painting can make you feel

Renowned painter of Magic Realism (and, occasionally, Wildlife subjects) Ann Richmond is based in Wiltshire, Southern England. We ship Fine-Art Prints, Gift Items & Original Works worldwide from our online store. Ann also considers select commissions & bespoke orders.

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